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Peter Lutz

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Contactless Ethernet rotary coupler Ethercap

10/100BASE-T Ethernet rotary coupler for industrial applications, housed in an IP54 tiny aluminum case.

Kategorien: インフラコンポーネント

Generation: III

Contactless Ethernet rotary coupler Ethercap

Capacitive coupling technology allows high-speed contactless communication between revolving parts on machinery and robots. Tested on high-speed real-time Sercos III protocol, it is ideal for Ethernet-based fieldbuses.

Ethercap is a contactless slip ring designed to transfer an Ethernet channel from a still unit to the revolving unit of an industrial machine. Specifically, the use of capacitive data transfer medium allows for contactless coupling between a fixed part and a moving part. The state-of-the-art technology employed guarantees high-protection transmission of a 100BaseTX Ethernet channel and high resistance to EMI. Featuring IP54 housing and M12 connectors, it is designed to withstand harsh industrial environments. Capacitive data transfer technology is independent of revolving speed and doesn't require maintenance. Designed and tested on high-speed real-time Sercos III protocol, it applies to any protocol based on 10/100BASE-T IEEE 802.3 standard. The device dimensions and connectors positioning can be reconsidered depending on the application requirements.

Technical data:

Ethernet compliance

  • 10/100BASE-T IEEE 802.3 compliant

Coupling method

  • Capacitive

Housing material

  • Anodized aluminum

Degree of protection

  • IP54

Shaft bore

  • 22 mm

Rotating speed

  • Up to 40 rpm

Electrical specifications

  • Power supplies: 2 x 24VDC, 2W max.
  • M12 A-coded connectors (power supplies)
  • M12 D-coded connectors (Ethernet)

Environmental specifications

  • Operating temperature from +5ºC to +55ºC
  • Storage temperature from -40ºC to +70ºC
  • Relative humidity from 10% to 95% (non-condensing)
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