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Peter Lutz

+49 (0) 7162 9468-65

IndraControl XM21

IndraControl XM21 with Sercos on-board.

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Kategorien: コントロールシステム

Generation: III

IndraControl XM21

This controller is characterized by its robust and modular design. In connection with fastest I/O processing, standard PLC and Motion-Logic application with medium to high performance requirements are feasible.

The Rexroth IndraControl XM2x controllers are characterized by its robust, compact and modular design. Its robustness in regards of EMC and extended ambient temperature, allows the use in extreme and harsh operation conditions. Functionality and connectivity can be extended easily by the use of Extension Modules. This allows flexible adoption to most application requirements.

With the same flexibility, it is possible to extend it with the full range of IndraControl S20 I/O components, directly to the controller. Thereby, it is possible to realize fastest and Sercos-synchronous I/O processing locally. Sercos is the standard communication interface to all field components, like motion devices and remote I/O. Other field buses like Profibus, Profinet and EtherNet/IP are feasible by the use of Extension Modules.

With the IndraControl XM21, it is possible to realize PLC and Motion Logic application with medium and high performance requirements.

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