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Peter Lutz

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Linear absolute encoder LA, LP, LMP with Sercos III

Linear encoder with Sercos.

Kategorien: Sensors

Generation: III

Linear absolute encoder LA, LP, LMP with Sercos III

The Sercos® devices made by TR-Electronic validate the simple and easy-to-integrate property of the Sercos protocol streamlining integration and creating a user friendly interface environment to work in.

These measurement systems work by means of the magnetostriction principle and are thus touch-less preventing the typically seen wear and tear on similar working devices. Measurement strokes of 4 m are detected absolutely and with extremely small cycle times. Measurement values can be quickly read out directly via the Sercos automation network. To simplify machine integration, our LP linear measurement systems are available in aluminum profile housings with a versatile selection of mounting possibilities, so installation issues are avoided. The magnets are guided by the profile to maintain exact distance between the magnet and the waveguide reducing magnet jump and preventing the need for parallel running magnet “jigs”. The sliders are typically connected to the machine by means of ball joints allowing for smoother armature travel preventing binding.

Tube housing type LA series transducers are available in pressure-proof enclosures (tested up to 600 bar) and can be integrated directly into hydraulic cylinders.

Linear absolute measurement systems with Sercos, made by TR-Electronic, fill a remaining white space on the Sercos map; the direct integration of Sercos sensors into hydraulic cylinders!

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