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Peter Lutz

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macro 8005 i3 - PC-based CNC control - IBH NEU

Improved performance through the Intel® i3 processor

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Kategorien: バーティカルソリューション, コントロールシステム

Generation: I/II

macro 8005 i3 - PC-based CNC control - IBH

Together with the WINDOWS® 7 operating system, durable hardware components, CNC software and the IBH real-time-kernel, our IPC becomes a powerful and real-time capable CNC control system.
Our CNC is available with a Sercos, analogue or stepper motor interface. 

The new Intel® Core™ i3 processor is being adopted in industrial PC-based IBH control technology.
IBH is thus laying the foundations for another boost in efficiency. The IBH CNC software covers all technologies, such as laser/water jet machining, milling, high-speed machining, gear grinding, measuring, five-axis machining with real-time transformation, and much more.

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