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Peter Lutz

+49 (0) 7162 9468-65

Pluto Sercos III Gateway

The Pluto Sercos III Gateway is a compact and fast unit providing two-way communication for Pluto Safety PLC over the Industry Ethernet protocol Sercos III.

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Generation: III

Pluto Sercos III Gateway

The 22 mm wide unit is DIN rail mounted and can be connected anywhere on a Pluto safety bus. 
The unit has a common interface with Pluto, i.e. the same cabling and the Pluto Manager PC program can be used for servicing and configuration.

When programming Pluto there are ready-made function blocks for gateway communication with non-safe system.

Via the Sercos III protocol a non-safe PLC system can have access to the I/Os and other variables in a Pluto safety PLC. Global I/Os in a Pluto safety PLC are accessible via the usual I/O transfer in the protocol. 
Local data in Pluto units can be transmitted by function blocks in Pluto called “Additional data”.

Function blocks for receiving data are available in Pluto Manager. A total of 16 byte data can be transmitted, 64 boolean variables / 8 registers or a combination of them. 

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