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Peter Lutz

+49 (0) 7162 9468-65

PowerDRIVE-Positioning with integrated Sercos III interface

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Kategorien: ドライブ/周波数コンバーター, その他のデバイス

Generation: III

PowerDRIVE-Positioning with integrated Sercos III interface

Product features:

Nominal torque 1.4 Nm up to 15 Nm

Multiturn absolute encoder 

Hybride cable radial/ plug axial

Supply voltage 24 V DC 

Operating temperature to +60°C

In addition to the PowerDRIVE-Box with Sercos III module, the PowerDRIVEs GEL 6110 are now available with integrated Sercos III interfaces. The complete product range GEL 6110 up to 10 Nm nominal torque in aluminium or stainless steel housings supports Sercos III.

The PowerDRIVEs combine various function units such as gears, BLDC motors, electronic commutation, brake operation, multiturn sensor etc. in a compact housing. The Sercos I/O profile is used to implement these combined positioning drives in a plant control system. The proven function blocks from Lenord + Bauer also aid commissioning here.

Optimize your plants using our PowerDRIVEs with integrated Sercos III interface or select our PowerDRIVE-System with Sercos module.

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