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Peter Lutz

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Real-time simulation software ISG-virtuos

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Kategorien: エンジニアリング/トレーニング/テスト

Generation: III

Real-time simulation software ISG-virtuos

ISG-virtuos is specialized on realtime applications and enables the simulation of machines and plants in hard realtime (<1ms). 
The connection between control and simulation is established via current fieldbus systems and is thus independent of the respective control manufacturer. 
Combining simulation and real control technology enables realistic engineering, test and commissioning situations without abstaining from control functions in CNC, motion, RC and SPS. 


  • 1:1 connection of (also simultaneously various) real controls via the real fieldbus systems
  • Virtual set-up = real set-up; without constraint and additional effort
  • 100% reproducible results at any time

With ISG-virtuos the installation is not only simulated „more or less“ but in hard realtime. The tested functions are transferred 1:1 onto the real machine or plant. 

Users report up to:

  • 10% optimised installation performance 
  • 20% reduced product development costs and times 
  • 30% reduced project costs 
  • 80% reduced commissioning times
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