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Peter Lutz

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Slip ring SRK

RIE-TECH is manufacturer of electric slip ring systems for transmission of Sercos III. Market-leading gold to gold technology allows the transmission of data as well as current and supply voltage required for the motor, from stationary to rotating parts.

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Generation: III

Slip ring SRK

The transmission technology was developped together with Bosch Rexroth. Extensive tests with 2 IndraDrive Mi V2 Drives at RIE-TECH resulted in a function-safe system, enabling to transmit Sercos III data, supply voltage and power from stationary to rotating side.

The gold to gold technology especially developped by RIE-TECH is a maintenance-free system with long live expectancy.
Tests at Bosch Rexroth with up to 40 IndraDrive Mi V2 also affirmed safe functioning.

The slip ring systems can be equipped with several hybrid cables and subsequently an almost unlimited number of drives can be attached to the rotating machinery part.



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