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Peter Lutz

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The MAC series

Integrated Servo Motors – All in one

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Kategorien: ドライブ/周波数コンバーター

Generation: III

The MAC series

The MAC series - the complete solution of efficient and compact Servo Motors with integrated controller, PLC system, driver and Sercos III interface.

The series is ranging from 50-3000 W, 0.11-9.0 Nm. Save money and trouble. 
The MAC motors minimize the installation costs and space requirements and protect against electrical noise. All JVL Servo Motors can be equipped with Sercos III and easy setup from either the JVL configuration tool MacTalk or from Sercos III directly. All motors can be optionally equipped with a built-in brake or higher IP protection class. The motors in the range 400-3000 W offer safe torque off as an additional feature, ensuring a safe way of removing the torque from the shaft without removing the power supply to the motor. Additionally, they optionally offer built-in absolute multiturn encoder. 

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