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21. PlugFest

16.05.2018 bis 17.05.2018

Phoenix Contact
Bad Pyrmont

We would like to invite all manufacturers of Sercos III devices to the 21st Sercos PlugFest. 

This event takes place at Phoenix Contact Electronics GmbH, Dringenauer Str. 30, 31812 Bad Pyrmont (Building 4, Rooms 005-007) on May 16-17, 2018. 

The PlugFest allows you to perform different types of conformance and interoperability tests in order to verify the correct implementation of Sercos III devices. This ensures the best possible compliance of different products. The staff of the testing laboratory will be present with testing tools (e.g. Sercos III Slave Conformizer, Sercos Monitor, IPS Conformizer) to support the participants and to analyze inconsistencies if any. 

The following testing opportunities will be offered:

  1. Slave conformance testing: The correct functioning of a slave device will be verified using the official testing tool (Slave Conformizer) and the official testing scripts. 
  2. Interoperability test (1:1): The correct interaction between a single master device and a single slave device will be verified. A checklist will be provided to execute the tests step by step (e.g., device configuration, network initialization, cyclic and non-cyclic data exchange).
  3. Multi-device interoperability test (1:n): Tests between a single master device and multiple slave devices are performed in order to verify different network configurations, the correct network initialization, the cyclic and non-cyclic data exchange and dedicated Sercos III features (e.g. ring break detection, ring recovery and hot-plugging). For this, different multi-vendor device environments will be set-up. The master suppliers will receive detailed information about the different multi-device set-ups in advance, so that a maximum testing time is available during the PlugFest. 

Important: Slave manufacturers that would like to provide equipment (no prototypes!) for the multi-device testing environment should contact us no later than April 30.


Testing opportunities                                     Master manufacturer Slave manufacturer Remarks

1. Slave conformance testing                                                                    X

2. Interoperability test (1:1)                                      X                                 X

3. Multi-device interoperability test (1:n)                      X                                          No

Participation in Slave conformance testing and interoperability tests is limited to manufacturers with at least functional prototypes. For the multi-device interoperability test, prototype slave devices are not admitted.

Besides providing the Sercos III master and/or slave devices, attendees should bring along their development systems (Compiler/Debugger), testing tools (such as the Sercos Monitor or other network sniffers) and for each slave device one Ethernet cable. One or two developers per device are expected in order to create best possible conditions and maximum efficiency. 

The PlugFest is subject to confidentiality. Sercos International e.V. will neither publish the names of the participating companies nor the results of the individual interoperability tests. To the same degree, the participants are bound to keep all findings about device behaviour or implementation issues strictly confidential.

Additional remarks for slave device manufacturers:

  1. To allow an efficient testing, we would like to ask the manufacturers of slave devices to bring several devices (5-10 pcs.) of each device type. 
  2. Please provide the corresponding power supply and at least one Ethernet cable for each slave device.
  3. All manufacturers of slave devices are requested to provide the SDDML description files before the event. These files will be distributed to the participants before the PlugFest. 
  4. All manufacturers of slave devices that intend to execute the Conformance Test, are requested to provide a filled-out “Slave_Specific_Information”.

Participation in the PlugFest is free of charge. Refreshments and lunch are provided by Phoenix Contact. Attendees need to take care of travel and accommodation. 

Rooms have been pre-reserved in the Steigenberger Hotel in Bad Pyrmont. Please contact us re bookings.

The following table shows the start and end times for the two days

Optional start time         Official start time                          Official end time

First day (Wednesday) 08:30 (set-up and testing) 10:00 18:00

Second day (Thursday) 08:30 (testing) 09:00                 17:00

On the evening of the first day, there will be a joint dinner (social event) for all participants.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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