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Klaus Weyer

+49 (0) 170 93 41 884


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Kategorien: Control Systems

Generation: III


Product Features:

  • PC-based CNC with integrated PLC
  • Sercos SoftMaster (based on Open Source Software)
  • eTool (IBH commissioning tool)
  • Intel Atom processor
  • SSD
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 2 x LAN / 2 x RS232 / 2 x USB 3
  • Digital-/Analog Modules via SERCOS III
  • WIN® 10

Small in size, big on performance – the IBH COMPACT-SMART-CNC

How much space does a CNC really need? IBH Automation has provided a clear answer with its new COMPACT-SMART-CNC.

Our newly developed product complies entirely with our customers’ aims: hardware components that are available long-term, combined with the use of standards.

The IBH COMPACT-SMART-CNC combined with IBH CNC software covers almost every kind of modern tool machine and automation system technology. Customers can integrate their own software developed in C++, thanks to our unique IBH compile cycles.

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