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Klaus Weyer

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IP20 I/O 系统内联 (Inline) - Sercos III 总线耦合器升级版 NEU

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  • 1.3 版本的 Sercos 规范
  • 最短 Sercos 循环周期 31.25 微秒
  • 2 个 RJ45 连接(具有集成的交换机)

Kategorien: I/O 系统

Generation: III

IP20 I/O 系统内联 (Inline) - Sercos III 总线耦合器升级版

IndraControl S20 is the new modular I/O component family for local and decentral topologies with protection class IP20 from Bosch Rexroth.

Sercos provides a simple, high-performance system connection and fast and flexible handling of process signals. Based on a user-oriented system design for extreme operating conditions, the IndraControl S20 enables fast device installation and exchanges in the field.

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