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Universal measuring amplifier with Sercos III

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Kategorien: Sensors

Generation: III


To do justice to the "Industry 4.0" approach, sensors must be able to communicate and exchange as much information as possible. The LCB universal measuring amplifier for load cells from Althen Sensors & Controls was designed with IoT compatibility in mind and helps to effectively increase the productivity and efficiency of weighing systems.

With the help of the LCB measuring amplifier, the analog measuring signal (mV/V) of a strain gauge sensor is converted into a digital signal. With an additional distribution box, up to 4 sensors can be connected.

The LCB is compatible with any type of strain gauge sensor. In addition to Sercos, the connection to control systems can also be made via other fieldbus types.

Thanks to the robust IP67 stainless steel housing, the LCB can be installed in any industrial environment. The measuring amplifier is configured quickly and easily via the micro-USB interface using the PC software included in the scope of delivery. This also offers the possibility of calibration, setting the inputs and outputs and storing the calibration data.

Application examples

  • Food and packaging industry
  • Beverage industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Steel industry
  • Transport industry (helicopter scale system)
  • Railway industry (weighing systems for trains and trams)
  • Bulk industry
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