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Klaus Weyer

+49 (0) 170 93 41 884

netTAP 151 - Data Converter for real-time Ethernet Networks

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Kategorien: Infrastructure Components

Generation: III

netTAP 151 - Data Converter for real-time Ethernet Networks

Product features:

  • Flexible loadable for Sercos, Profinet, Ethercat, EtherNet/IP and Powerlink
  • Full-featured master for the secondary network
  • Shortest I/O data conversion time lower than 10 ms
  • Device replacement in seconds via memory card based loading
  • With USB diagnostic and configuration port

The gateway netTAP 151 transmits IO data bi-directionally between any two industrial real-time Ethernet networks. It is the ideal solution for installations with heterogenous networks or such of the same kind to exchange data across given network boundaries. With more than 25 different combinations of the protocols Sercos, Profinet, Ethercat, EtherNet/IP and Powerlink, the device series provides a solution for any conversion.

The integration as simple IO device into the primary network makes the converter compatible with any common PLC. On the secondary side it works either as IO device too or controls a subordinate network as a bus master. The length of the IO data can be scaled to any application and the data in between can be mapped on byte level arbitrarily.

Secure network separation is provided by two Ethernet controllers, each connected to a Dual Ethernet port with integrated switch. That allows realizing star, ring and inline network topologies without further peripherals. Both controllers handle the protocols independent from each other and exchange only the IO data across a data buffer. An overall data processing time lower than 10 milliseconds is achieved.

The devices can be ordered preloaded with firmware and license or unloaded. Unloaded devices minimize the storage costs. Subsequent loading of a firmware configures these devices for any conversion most flexible. All devices are commissioned and diagnosed network independent over USB.

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