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Klaus Weyer

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Real-time communication slip rings

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Kategorien: Infrastructure Components

Generation: III

Real-time communication slip rings

Product features:

  • Clean and reliable communication
  • Wide range available
  • Use of "hybrid" cables possible

Servotecnica is a manufacturer of electrical slip rings for the transmission of power and high data rate signals. The contact, based on a gold to gold technology, allows a clean and reliable communication between the static and the rotating part. Our wide range can satisfy all the needs of the market ranging from very small rotary joint (Φ 12 mm) to big ones (Φ 400 mm) option IP67 and ATEX are also available.

Our experience in the motion control market allowed us to transmit different real-time buses over our slip rings including Sercos III, Ethercat, EtherNet/IP and Profinet, cooperating with market leading manufacturers.

The new transmission technology allows the use of "hybrid" cables for the transmission of power and signals in a unique solution avoiding crosstalk and noise granting high performances and lifetime. 
Custom solutions are available such as the use of special materials and treatments, cables or connectors and the combination of the electric joint with fluidic or optical ones.

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