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Klaus Weyer

+49 (0) 170 93 41 884

Real-time-Ethernet Kit

Kategorien: Tools

Generation: III

Real-time-Ethernet Kit

Product features:

  • Complete test and evaluation system
  • Evaluate performance and function
  • Test system for developing your own devices
  • Measure the real-time values

The Kit is suitable for development and test laboratories as well as for training purposes.

It can be used to build up a complete communication system for all real‐time Ethernet systems.

With the included netANALYZER, the performance and function of individual systems or system components, that operate according to Ethernet II IEEE 802.3 specification or corresponding bus systems, can be displayed.

The Kit includes a comprehensive manual, which allows an easy quick‐start. With the cifX‐PC card and the NXIO‐devices real‐time Ethernet systems such as Sercos can be set up.

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