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Klaus Weyer

+49 (0) 170 93 41 884

Real-time simulation software ISG-virtuos

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Kategorien: エンジニアリング/トレーニング/テスト

Generation: III

Real-time simulation software ISG-virtuos

Product features:

  • Hardware-in-the-Loop simulation for machines, plants and robots
  • Simulation in control real-time
  • 1:1 behaviour image of real components on the fieldbus 
  • (including parameterization, operating mode and kinematic behaviour)
  • Numerous libraries for the construction of virtual plants
  • Easy construction of client-owned modules thanks to software development kit SDK C++  
  • Physics-based material flow

ISG-virtuos is an established hardware in the loop simulation solution for the construction of digital twins that parallel the real systems at 100%. This is enabled by virtual module assemblies that behave 1:1 as the real module assemblies: regarding their interfaces, their behaviour in control real-time and their parameterization. The construction of the real-time simulation is effected via module assembly configuration which allows a fast adaption of the simulation to new plant configurations. 

Furthermore, the factory simulation allows – apart from the classic simulation of material flow and logistics processes – deterministically exact performance predictions that include all components and assemblies. In doing so, also the physics-based material flow runs in control realtime (1ms). 

ISG-virtuos users report up to

  • 10% optimized plant performance
  • 20% reduced product development costs and times
  • 30% reduced project costs
  • 80% reduced commissioning times 
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